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Committee Republicans send letter detailing Committee Democrats' partisan budget reconciliation overhaul

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, on Monday, House Committee on Small Business Republicans sent a letter to the Budget Committee outlining their opposition to the Democrats’ massive, partisan budget reconciliation overhaul. Committee Democrats blocked every single amendment proposed by Republican Members, denying small businesses the commonsense relief, deregulation, and oversight they deserve. 

According to the Republican Members’ letter, "For many years, the House Small Business Committee has been known to work together to pass legislation for America’s entrepreneurs.  Republicans and Democrats worked together and were proud to achieve real results for Main Street U.S.A.  However, over the past year, instead of working together to craft targeted, much-needed solutions that address the specific problems of small businesses, the House Majority and this Committee’s Majority have pushed through billions of dollars in spending, much of it stretching ten years into the future, and direct federal assistance that will further perpetuate a failing artificial economy.

"Last week, on September 7, 2021, a Tuesday afternoon of a Jewish holiday observed by Members and staff alike, the Committee’s Majority provided a 90-page $23.6 billion equally partisan document to be voted on the morning of Thursday, September 9, 2021 – less than 48 hours later.  During the markup, Republican Members expressed serious concerns about provisions in the Majority’s bill that duplicate current Small Business Administration (SBA) programs; copy established and successful private sector programs; lack rigorous oversight; and vastly increase risk to taxpayer dollars.  

"Although the Committee’s Majority claims to want to work together on bipartisan policies, once again, as in February 2021, there were no meetings, no telephone calls, no Zoom calls, no solicitation of ideas, no discussions, and no bipartisan solutions for this budget reconciliation legislation.

"At a time when small businesses are still working diligently to regain their footing and serve their communities, a rushed, one-sided, partisan process, and a massive, multi-billion-dollar measure, which lacks temporary, targeted programs, anti-fraud measures, and rigorous oversight, duplicates successful private sector programs and puts additional taxpayer dollars at risk, are not the answer.  That path will not help small businesses and will only kick them while they are down."

Read the full minority views here.